Saturday, March 25, 2017

I'm back

Hey twizards sorry i have not been posting i recently started streaming on twitch and been focusing on that but i'll be posting about the new updates for now on today is around the spirals bunny run if you remember i did a post about it last year this year it will be held at unicorn realm area 1 around 4pm est other news test realm should be open to give looks at the new level 118 pets and speaking of pets double xp is back so get training while you can!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mirage Raider's Bundle!

Hey everyone mirage raider's bundle is out this $39 bundle is at gamestop like all the other gamestops make sure to call them before going all the way there and find out they don't have it!


Can't wait to get my hands on it! what do you guys think of it. Are you excited Mirage is just around the corner!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Test realm and news

Hey everyone test realm for Mirage is out and it is amazing not to mention the bosses to get to Mirage one of the bosses you have to fight is Duncan Grimwater he does have some rules if you heal yourself or others he will put a -55 blade on you for your next heal there is no getting rid of it once it's on so heal only when you have to now i'm not sure if it's a solo boss but just don't join late! and if you die another one adds into the battle but you can avoid that if you log out of the game and log back in so you won't have to fight 4 of him if you fail that much. That's pretty much it for him he also has 12k health. There is also a possibility that a Mirage like bundle is coming out soon for $39 at GameStop! now when this bundle comes out make sure to call a few GameStop's first because you never know some of them might not have them always a good idea to call.

Now Wizard101 announced that if you buy crowns through November 1st-29 you get a celestial carpet mount on the 29th you can also get this mount if you have an active membership what do you guys think of Mirage so far if you did the test realm?? are you all doing something for the Holidays this year?? feel free to put it in the comments below. Until next time see ya

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Shinobi Bundle and mirage announcement

Hey everyone some of you may have already known this but if you haven't then get ready for some news wizard101 have released a new bundle called the shinobi bundle.

                                  You can get this bundle for $29 at your local gamestop but be sure to call the ones close to you before driving all the way over there because you never know if all of them might have it or not i can't wait to get my hands on this bundle!

                        Other news i guess wizard101 teased a new world called mirage on the latest ki live
i mean it's not really news if you been keeping up with other wizard101 players on twitter like i have but if not then get excited mirage is coming soon the world we all been waiting for keep up the great work with the new content wizard101 team it's great!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Halloween is back in Wizard101 and new packs

New packs are in wizard101 these new packs are called

                                     The Harrowing nightmare pack Price 299 crowns


                                                         Midnight owl Mount

                                                            Winged catastrophe pet

                                                         Costume party wigs

                                                            Halloween housing items

                                                               Epic spooky gear

                                                                  Many more epic items!

                                                                     Nightmare pack crown price 299


                                                                               Nightmare mount

                                                                           Dragon tooth gear

                                                                            dark wraith gear

                                                                                  vampire pet

                                                                                  nightmare pet

                                           So make sure to check out these packs in the crown shop so you could get all of the items listed on this post until next time :P

Friday, September 2, 2016

Happy birthday Wizard101

Hello everyone i know i am a little late but wizard101 8th birthday was here there is even a new gobbler mount that carries you around.

Wizard has also given a code out for really cool gift use this code gobblerATEday to get the following

                                           1 Dragon's Hoard Pack  1 Energy Elixir 1 8th Anniversary Gobbler Cake   2 Gobbler Stoppers Pet Snacks    Grumpy Gobbler Music Scroll   1 Gobbler Transformation  1 Gobbler PiƱata Housing Item so make sure to get all of the awesome stuff from that code again it's gobblerATEday i'm not sure when the code can't be used anymore but a lot of people have used them already once again happy 8th birthday Wizard101 !!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bundle sale

Hey everyone sorry i have not been posting much but i'm back now some of you may have noticed that the bundle sale is here and some of your favorite bundles like the hive bundle or even pagoda bundle is in the online store at wizard101 don't forget to get your favorite bundle before they are gone :D